Basic Interview and Interrogation

This Comprehensive Interview and Interrogation training class covers techniques for law enforcement, specifically patrol officers and rookie investigators. To provide you the best law enforcement training experience possible, we require prerequisite reading and active role-play participation during the training.

  • Universal Elective for the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation California Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) Perishable Skill for tactical and interpersonal communications.
  • College credit is obtainable for this course.
  • This law enforcement training takes 3 days to complete, running from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • This California Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified.
  • Your satisfaction for this Comprehensive Interview and Interrogation Training class is 100% guaranteed by the Interviews & Interrogations Institute or your money back.
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What you will learn

Our 24-hour and 40-hour Interviews and interrogations courses are all California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Plan I certified. In addition, both classes are certified as Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) elective courses. The 24 and 40 hour interview and interrogation courses also count towards perishable skills for tactical and interpersonal communication training. Courses outside of California are authorized through the respective states under their Standards and Training certifications. Certificates are issued by Interviews & Interrogations Institute.

We will cover the following

  • How to Predict Human Behavior
  • Interrogation Body Language, Proxemics and Gestures
  • Why People Lie: The Psychology of Deception
  • Usage of Polygraph, Computerized Voice Stress Analyzer and Lie Detection Technology in determining truth or deception
  • Free-Form Interviews and Suspect Elimination Interviews
  • Criminal Interrogation and Confrontation Interviews
  • Miranda Application and Admissibility of Statements
  • How to Prepare for Court
  • Why People Commit Crimes
  • How to keep the interview dialog going with Transitional Stories, so you’ll never be at a loss for words during interrogation
  • Why You Should Record Your Interrogations
  • How to Prevent False Confessions

Requirements for success

Please review our required reading section.

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