Required Reading

Our courses require a commitment from students.

We recommend reading the following prior to your classroom instruction as will help you during the sessions.


Remembering the Murder You Didn’t Commit

Murders and Attempted Murders

False Confessions and the Jogger Case

 The Inside Information Checklist
Gregory DeClue, PhD, ABPP (Forensic), Independent Psychology Practice, Sarasota, Florida & Charles “Skip” Rogers, Owner and Lead Instructor, The Interviews & Interrogations Institute
• Safeguarding against False Confessions
Gregory DeClue & Charles “Skip” Rogers

• Investigative Detentions
• Investigative Contacts 

Case Studies
• Berghuis v. Thompkins
• Maryland v. Shatzer
• Montejo v. Louisana

* Articles printed with permission by Alameda County District Attorney’s Office POINT OF VIEW