When the Truth Matters

The Most Comprehensive Online Learning for Interviews and Interrogation.


Founded in 1990, Interviews & Interrogations Institute has trained thousands of law enforcement professionals, receiving Peace Officer Standards and training certifications or approval in ALL the western United States. We are recognized leaders in the field of interview and interrogation training. Our information elicitation-based approach teaches interview and interrogation techniques that have been proven to increase victim and witness cooperation as well as the number of legally obtained admissions and confessions.


Interview & Interrogation Institute is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference in real world situations with real world training that prepares you for real world situations.

  • Experienced – Instructors are veteran law enforcement officers who have real hands-on experience and success with techniques we teach.

  • Current – Our information elicitation based approach is legally sound, fundamentally proven and continually up-to-date with the changing legal landscape.

  • Prepared – Our training emphasizes imparting knowledge and skills to our students who leave our training ready, capable, and eager to apply their knowledge.

  • Trainers – In addition to training for individual officers and investigators, we also provide ‘train the trainer’ training.


To honor the oath of our office at all times.

Treating victims, witnesses, and suspects with dignity and respect as they deal with what are often difficult and life changing events.

To never say or do anything that would cause an innocent person to admit to something they did not do.