When the Truth Matters

When those depended on to find the truth need someone to depend on, they depend on us.

Our training staff consists of veteran police officers who have worked in the field. Having actual law enforcement experience, these veterans KNOW what it takes to get bulletproof confessions! Check out our Course Calendar for the most convenient location near you. We look forward to showing you why we are proven to be the most effective interview & interrogations course available!

Today, the interviewer and interrogator needs to be able to develop strategic plans that can be realistically implemented. As detectives, we should remember that no matter what we know or think we know about a case, we will never know as much as the suspect, victim or witness. Having clarity of objectives, a clear map of how to get there, and the necessary skill set to achieve desired goals is essential for doing our job well. Training with the Interviews and Interrogation Institute enables officers to gain practical guidance and the tools necessary to facilitate maximum disclosure from human information sources.

All institute trainers are current or veteran law enforcement officers with extensive track records in real criminal cases. Our interview and interrogation programs deliver proven, judicially sound-approaches that get results again and again. Emphasis is on training peak performing investigators who do not rely upon polygraph equipment.