“I took Skip’s 3-Day Interview and Interrogations class and it was the best interview class I have ever taken – and that includes BATI and Advanced BATI. Skip’s methods of doing interviews and interrogations are much more streamline and easy to follow than any techniques I’ve practiced in the past. I’m signed up for the 5-Day course and I look forward to learning more from Skip.”

John Powers

“Skip has a tremendous knowledge of interviewing and interrogating criminals, and the surrounding laws and concerns. I would recommend him as an instructor to anyone who wants to improve their interviewing skills.”

Andrew Bates, Detective, Folsom Police Department

“Skip is a very good interview/ interrogation instructor. I have worked with skip at the Sacramento public safety training center in several classes. I recommend him.”

Frank Daley, Instructor, Sacramento Public Safey Training Center

“I have had the pleasure to utilize Skip’s services as an Instructor in the Code Enforcement Officer Courses at the Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center. Skip has always been well prepared and professional. His instruction materials has provided useful skills and tools for the students in the course. I highly recommend Skip’s services.”

Chris Wiggins, Instructor, Rio Hondo College / Rancho Santiago College

“Skip is an intelligent, highly driven, motivated and sucessful individual. He is a true expert in his field, in every sense of the word, with the Interview and Interrogation Institute. He not only inspired me as one of his students,but his tenacity and dedication to instruction was an inspiration for all. Skip is a man of the highest integrity and a man of his word.”

Ian Ryan

“I observed Skip Rogers’ exceptional leadership competence when I was called in by he and his Chief at Folsom Police to help the with their strategic planning. He influenced leaders in his Department to agree to a clear set of values, a vision, and goals, and move forward with an implementation plan, which was successful.
He was also responsible for initiating a Continuous Improvement Team at Folsom Police, where his peers elected him Chair of that Team, and the team functioned for years to solve and prevent problems in the Department and in the community.
I did executive coaching with Skip and he decided, before his successful promotion to Lieutenant, to request a 360 degree feedback from his subordinates, peers and superiors…and the scores on 40 leadership competencies were the highest I have seen in conducting more than 100 of these 360 degree feedback assessments with senior leaders in other policing agencies.
His facilitation skills are flawless, and he has the rare ability to achieve consensus based decision-making and problem-solving in his team, which I personally observed. I was impressed over the four years that I saw Skip work that he is a man of integrity, vision and drive. I highly recommend him as an instructor, leader, facilitator, coach and consultant.”

Terry D. Anderson, PhD, President and CEO, Consulting Resource Group International Inc.


My name is Eric Clowser, I am a Deputy with the Carson City Sheriff’s Department in Nevada. I am currently a Field Training Officer and just went to your class in mid-december with my trainee who only had a week of road experience prior to your class. We recently had an opportunity arise and decided to give your methods a test to see how they would do. Let me give you a run down of what happened.

We recently had a vehicle pursuit on 01/02/10 with a un-licensed Honda Civic which led us all over town and resulted in large amounts of property damage due to the vehicle ramming one of our patrol units and destroying several gates to business’s. The vehicle ended up fleeing into Tribal Land and the occupants ditched the vehicle. We recovered the vehicle which turned out to be stolen (shocker) but the occupants fled the scene and were never found. We had nothing on who was in the vehicle and never could turn up with anything.

Later that week my trainee and I respond to a suspicious vehicle call with a known dirt bag ex-felon. We received a tip from the suspect’s Mother of all people that he admitted to her that he was involved in the pursuit from earlier in the month. We end up getting the subject for a violation of Probation and read him his Miranda Rights once in the jail at which time he complies and wishes to speak with us.

So we have this ex-felon who has been to prison sitting in a room and I send my 4 week road experience trainee in the room with nothing but the sheets you gave us in from the class in his hand and a blank cd with his name and evidence written on it along with that slin piece of evidence tape on the back.

To make matters short after an hour and thirty minutes with this guy using nothing but what you taught us in the class my 4 week trainee gets this guy to roll and admit to the whole pursuit and stealing the vehicle. We would have more than likely never have gotten this if it wasn’t for your training. I thank you for your time and how well you taught the class. I was a skeptic at first and I know you will have more like me but seeing my 4 week, twenty two year old trainee make a ex-felon not only cry but roll to the whole thing I am a full believer of your methods and have been recommending your class like wildfire to my agency.

The scary part was the suspect went through all the steps including denial to a tee. Was kind of freaky seeing it in real life. Once again thank you and know that your methods helped my trainee and myself out and we will probably be sending this guy back to prison.

-Eric Clowser


I just wanted to say thanks again to you and Carl for your interview and interrogation training. I attended your class in Reno, Nevada several years ago. After taking your class, my interview/interrogation skills have greatly improved. Before your class I was only interviewing suspects and you gave me the tools to take it from an interview to interrogation, and most important how to get admissions!

Last week I had a suppression motion hearing on an interview I conducted where the suspect made several admissions regarding his involvement in a grand theft. At the suppression hearing the defense put the suspect on the stand, and he stated that I threatened to take him to jail if he didn’t confess to the crime. When the DA put me on the stand I stated not only did I not threaten the suspect, but I have attended specialized training in interviewing and interrogating suspects, and I know you can’t threaten or promise things to persons being interviewed. I then stated that the interview was video recorded and that we could just watch the recording to clear things up (Although I clearly stated in my crime report that I recorded the interview and booked the recording into evidence, neither the DA or defense attorney bothered to watch the video before the suppression motion, go figure). The judge liked that idea and wanted to watch the recording of the interview. The motion was continued so the DA could get a copy of the interview.

Today I received an e-mail from our DA after the continued suppression motion. The e-mail says it all, “Very good interview of suspect. Motion to suppress statement DENIED.”

Thanks again,

Detective Mike Fisher
Sierra County Sheriff’s Office