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The Fifth Amendment and Miranda

Robert C. Phillips has just released his latest version of "The Fifth Amendment and Miranda" This 400+ page update is the most comprehensive, well organized study of this topic we have ever seen. We highly recommended you download and review!!! We have Robert's permission to share this important document with our students.


  • NEW Bullet Proof Confessions
    by Gregory DeClue, Ph.D., ABPP, Sarasota Sheriff’s Office and Sarasota Police Department, Sarasota, Florida.
  • Criminal Interrogations and Confessions (3rd edition)
    Authors: Fred Inbau, John Reid, Joseph Buckley Publishers: Williams and Wilkins
  • You Just Don't Understand and That's Not What I Said
    Author: Deborah Tannen Publisher: Ballentine Books
  • Psychological Methods in Criminal Investigation and Evidence (1989)
    Author: D. Raskin Ph.D. Publisher: Springer Press
  • Criminal Interrogation and Behavior Analysis Interviews (1985)
    Author: John E. Reid Publisher: Reid and Associates
  • How to Read a Person Like a Book (1971)
    Author: G. Nierenberg and H. Calero Publisher: Cornerstone
  • The Gentle Art of Interview and Interrogation
    Author: Robert F. Royal and Steven R. Schutt Publisher: Prentice-Hall Inc.
  • Memory-Enhancing Techniques for Investigative Interviewing The Cognitive Interview
    Author: Ronald Fisher and R. Edward Geiselman Publisher: Thomas (800) 258-8980 (approx. $50.00)
  • Practical Aspects of Interview and Interrogation
    Author: Zulawski and Wicklander Publisher: CRC Press (800) 272-7737 (approx. 48.00)
  • From Frogs to Princes (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)
    Author: Richard Bandler and John Grinder
  • Interrogations And Disputed Confessions A Manual For Forensic Psychological Practice (2005)
    Author: Gregory Declue, Ph.D., ABPP (Forensic) Publisher: Professional Resource Press Sarasota, Florida
  • Telling Lies Clues to Deceit In The Marketplace, Politics, And Marriage (1992-1995)
    Author: Paul Eckman Ph.D. Publisher W.W. Norton New York
  • Without Conscience The Disturbing World of The Psychopaths Among Us (1993)
    Author: Dr. Robert D. Hare Publisher: Pocket Books New York
  • Electronic Recordings of Interrogations Practical guideline for: Interrogation Conduct, Testifying in court, Miranda, The Reid Technique (2005)
    Author: Buckley, D. and Jayne, C. Publisher: John E. Reid & Associates, Inc Chicago, Ill.
  • Interview and Interrogation for Law Enforcement (1997)
    Author: John E. Hess (FBI Ret.) Publisher: Anderson Publishing Ohio
  • Anatomy of Themes (2008)
    Author Louis C. Senese Publisher John E. Reid and Associates, Inc. Chicago, Ill.
  • Reading People How to Understand People and Predict Their Behavior-Anytime, Anyplace (2008)
    Author: Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, Ph.D. and Wendy Patrick Mazzarella Publisher Ballantine Books New York

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